Footsafe Anti Static Safety Shoe

Antistatic and ESD safety shoes are both conductive safety shoes. This means they protect electrical equipment by sending (conducting) electrical charges to the ground, preventing a static shock, charge or spark. Conductive safety shoes are worn in industries in which a static shock is problematic or could trigger a fire or explosion and are not the same as isolating safety shoesw hich protect you from completing an electrical circuit to the ground.

ESD and antistatic safety shoes are used in different type of industries to protect sensitive equipment or components from electrostatic discharges, such as aerospace, industrial equipment manufacturing, semiconductor manufacturing, electrical engineers, telecommunications equipment manufacturing, battery manufacturing, computer equipment manufacturing, medical industry, hospitals and many more.

ESD can prevent a range of harmful effects on worksites. Uncontrolled release of static charges can cause gas, fuel vapour or coal dust explosions, as well as failure of solid state electronics components such as integrated circuits. Therefore it’s crucial that people who work in these environments wear ESD or antistatic safety shoes to protect all electrical components.

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